‘Every little helps’

Why your support is so important to Kidney Wales


Every little help, it really does. We may have borrowed this one from Tesco, however, it is very fitting for the times we are living in.

Following the success of our first supporter engagement session held in September.  Kidney Wales is hosting our second session on Wednesday 18th of January at 6pm.


Times are tough with the cost of living becoming more of a concern every day. Your thoughts and feelings are important, and this is an opportunity for us to share with you why your support, as a member of the kidney community or as a fundraiser for Kidney Wales, is so important and how it makes a difference to all those living with kidney disease. Particularly in these challenging times.


Join our zoom session for an update on how we are continuing to support those living with chronic kidney disease [CKD] in Wales with thanks to you!  We will also highlight our current funded projects, there will also be an opportunity for you to get your questions answered.  The full agenda will be available in due course.


Use the form below to sign up to be part of our engagement session and to learn more about our work and how however you choose to support, however big or small, can make a huge difference.