Pen-Y-Fan Walk for Life 2018

The Pen-Y-Fan Walk for Life is led this year by Simon Dwyer. Simon is a personal trainer from Newport who looks to introduce his brand of Warrior Training to the 2018 Walk for Life series. Simon is a two-time winner of the Fandance (Weighted Category) Endurance Challenge and will lead his walkers along a similar route to the infamous race. He looks to lead his attendees on an endurance experience with beautiful views along the way, all in the interest of promoting a healthy lifestyle and strong mentality.


The Pen-Y-Fan Walk for Life is set to be a challenging walk that will lead its walkers up some of Wales’ highest peaks, starting at the Storey Arms Car Park and following a 12-mile route to the car park on the other side of the Horseshoe Ridge.



Walk Date: 28th July 2018

Start Time: 9am

Start Location: Storey Arms Car Park, Brecon Beacons National Park




Tel: 02920 343 940