Leaving a Gift to Charity in your Will


Did you know Gifts in wills (also known as ‘legacies’) provide around half of the funding for Kidney Wales’ life changing work supporting families and kidney patients in Wales?


For over 50 years, the generosity of people remembering Kidney Wales in their will has purchased lifesaving facilities and treatment, expanded healthcare teams, provided financial assistance to patients in need, funded ground breaking research, helped to influence the law change on organ donation in Wales, and has enabled us to champion, support and simply be there for patients and their families living with a life long chronic condition.


Kidney Wales continues to raise awareness of kidney disease, and its impact on patients and their loved ones. Improving the lives of patients and their families, whilst advocating for them to ensure the best possible care and support are key objectives for us. For this we need your help.



Making a Will is not something most of us think about, however it is one of the most important documents you will ever prepare. That is especially true if you have specific wishes to be carried out. Making a Will not only gives you peace of mind that your wishes are going to be carried out, but it will also make things a little easier for your loved ones.  Once you’ve made sure friends and family are looked after, If the time is ever right for you to include a charity in your will please remember Kidney Wales.


We appreciate every single gift left to us, with every pound being spent to fund projects with the biggest impact on our community.  A gift to Kidney Wales is your opportunity to leave a legacy that has endless possibilities investing in our vital work for patients and their loved ones, who endure the daily battles of kidney disease, both in the present and for those who will unfortunately come to develop chronic illness in the future.

Why you might like to help

We are grateful to every supporter who has decided to leave a gift in their will. A legacy makes a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of our kidney community now, and future generations to come.


Bob Wood, a transplant patient, has chosen to leave a gift to Kidney Wales in his Will.


The topic of writing a Will or leaving a legacy is one that should be approached with sensitivity and respect. When Robert Wood was ready to update his Will, he knew he wanted to leave a gift to Kidney Wales.


Bob Wood lived with polycystic kidney disease [PKD] a condition that causes cysts to grow in the kidneys. This disease led to him having a transplant in 1995. Bob was one of the last people to be operated on in the Cardiff Royal Infirmary, the kidney he received was an excellent match and he is still living well with it today.


Bob feels blessed to have a wonderful family, that have always been there to support him and Kidney Wales. Wanting to give back and make a difference Bob’s decision to leave a legacy to Kidney Wales is one that is important to him. Having never reached a point of needing dialysis treatment, he truly empathises with patients who are on dialysis. He believes in the incredible work Kidney Wales does raising awareness of the importance of organ donation, supporting patients to live well with kidney disease and for the hard work done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


A supporter for many years Bob and his family have given so much to Kidney Wales, Daughters Lizzy Wood and Victoria Wood are dedicated trustees of the charity and Bob has been a passionate fundraiser. Raising money through charity Golf days and fundraising evenings.


Now Bob plans to continue living well, enjoying time with his amazing grandchildren, three wonderful daughters and fitting in plenty of family trips to their caravan in West Wales.


Bob said “The choice to leave a gift was an easy one. I felt very supported having the conversation and happy with my decision. I would encourage anyone thinking about it to leave a gift to an organisation that means something to them, of course it depends on everyone’s individual circumstances, but I feel truly great knowing that my gift will help in the years to come.”



Useful information about leaving a gift in your will

How to leave a gift in your Will

Kidney Wales Free Will service (limited time only) – Find out More here

Download our Gifts in Wills Guide

Your gift can truly make a difference | Kidney Wales – YouTube

How to leave a gift in your Will

We do understand that gifts in Wills are incredibly personal decisions. But they can also be surprisingly quick and simple to organise.


How to include us in your Will

If you don’t have a Will

Follow these three simple steps to make your gift to Kidney Wales.

  1. Make a list of everything you own, including property and investments, and decide who to name as executors. These are the people who will make sure your wishes are carried out.
  2. Decide who to include. For many people, loved ones will come first, but then you might also like to think about leaving a gift to a charity. When considering Kidney Wales, some people leave a percentage of their estate to us and some a specific amount.  We appreciate every single gift left to us, with every pound being spent to fund projects with the biggest impact on our community.
  3. Use a solicitor to write your Will so that all legalities covered.

If you already have a Will

To add Kidney Wales as a beneficiary, talk to your solicitor about updating your Will, or completing a codicil and storing it with your Will.




Contact Us

If you wish to discuss leaving a gift in your Will please contact Danielle Jones 02920 343940 / danielle@kidneywales.cymru