The Welsh Assembly Government announced a new dedicated Transplant Unit in Cardiff on 21 December 2007 following our successful People like Us Campaign led by Allison John. We have publicly thanked Edwina Hart AM MBE Minister for Health for working with us and all the other key politicians including Jonathan Morgan AM Dai Lloyd AM Jenny Randerson AM Nerys Evans AM David Melding AM and Val Lloyd AM.

The first phase proposes that a 4 bed ward is created in accommodation not currently utilised on the Cardiff UHW site to provide capacity for haemodialysis patients currently accommodated on Ward B5. This would then create additional transplant and renal surgery capacity and would allow for up to 115 transplants per year. These beds could be available by March/April 2008. The revenue cost for this is £2.41million

During the period 2010/12 the Trust would undertake up to 140 transplants per year and this would be Phase 2 of the development. This phase would require 16 beds and the revenue cost would be £4.40million.

Phase 3 would require the full 21 beds to be available by 2012 and would allow for up to 160 transplants per year at a revenue cost of £5.85million.

The capital cost for the development is £4.27million.