The Patients Conference was held as the conclusion for the People Like Us Campaign on the 12 January 2008. The day included guest presentations from Dr Judith Van Der Voort, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist who gave a very interesting insight into kidney disease in children and the treatment options, highlighting the difference between children and adults. Mr Agiris Asderakis, Consultant Transplant Surgeon at UHW gave an update on Transplant Services in Wales, explaining that in 2007 a record 104 transplants were carried out and outlining their aims for the future. Felicity Waters gave a lesson on working with the press and media before lunch. Felicity successfully kept the Plus campaign at the forefront of local and regional press and media over the last 5 months explaining that the leader of the Plus Campaign, Allison John had done no less than 50 interviews since the launch of the campaign!

To keep the day as informal and interactive as possible, Patient Discussion Groups were held and led by Melanie Wager, Jayne Williams and Maureen Hendon on Dialysis Issues and Organ Donation and Presumed Consent. This proved to be very successful,l with many issues being raised which will certainly be focused on in future campaigning. There was also a chance for patients to leave comments on the Plus campaign and suggestions for future work that needed to be done.

After lunch, there were presentations from Gaynor Taylor on The Gift of Life Stone project and from Charles Merril on Experiences of a Live Kidney Donor. The day was concluded with Dr Richard Moore, Consultant Nephrologist at UHW talking about The Future of Renal Services in Wales.

I’d like to thank all the speakers for giving up their Saturday to attend the Patients Conference and to all those who attended.

Allison John
Leader of the People Like Us Campaign
Ambassador for Kidney Wales Foundation

pictured above: Charles Merril guest speaker.