Robert Morse is walking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (19340 ft). His adventure begins 1st March and ends the 8th 2008.

Rob a member of Pontypool Ramblers and walks with them as often as he can, this has sort of spurred him into doing this walk. It is something that Rob has always wanted to do but never thought he would. Robs wife Wendy surprised him with it as a 30th Wedding Anniversary present. Now he has to do it!

The reason he choose to do it for Kidney Wales Foundation is because of his brother in law brother having had a transplant and his own daughter has one shrivelled kidney and one only working at approx. 70%.

Wendy said "I think that it is important that people realise the affect of having to have dialysis on a regular basis has on a person and the family. My brother used to do the dialysis at home, and I could see how tired he was all the time, I voluntered to give him my kidney and had all the tests done, we did match but a few weeks before the operation a match came in that was really close to his. That was quite a few years ago now and thankfully they are working well."

visit Robs justgiving fundraising page