What’s pink, almost eight foot tall and always looking for a cuddle?


Cwtch is the Donate Wales Tell a Loved One Campaigns mascot. He is a friendly speech bubble who welcomes children and adults alike into his massive pink arms for a big cwtch! As the campaign key message is to Tell a Loved One of your wish to join the Organ Donor Register Cwtch represents, quite simply, a message to cuddle up to your loved one and share your wishes with them.

More than 450 people in Wales are waiting for a transplant

More than 750 lives have been transformed by a transplant in the last?five years

Sadly, in the same time 150 people died waiting

4 out of 10 families refuse for their loved ones organs to be donated when asked.

Joining the Organ Donor Register only takes a couple of minutes, but it?s the best way of making a lasting record of your donation wishes. And remember to tell your loved ones once you?ve signed up! Join the Organ Donor Register today.

www.donatewales.org or call 0845 60 60 400 or Text GIVE to 64118