Boring and Isolating that is how Kidney patients have told Kidney Wales that is how they feel while they are dialysing. So when People Like Us Cymru co chair, Melanie Wager approached Kidney Wales with a way to help solve the problem, we acted and leapt at the chance to help.

Mel, who is waiting for her third transplant said

“I dialyse at home usually but when my husband Nick’s away with work I sometimes have to have dialysis at hospital.

I was speaking to one of the nurses about the digital switchover and she said the unit would lose the televisions. So I said, ‘leave it to me’.”
Melanie, who trained as a teacher and is the co-chair of People Like Us Cymru, added: “It seems like a really small thing – but it matters when you’re lying there for four hours at a time. I usually listen to my iPod but other people don’t like missing their television programmes.”

Quote from Roy J. Thomas, Executive Chairman Kidney Wales.

“Listening to what patients want and putting them at the forefront of our thinking is critical to Kidney Wales. That is why when Melanie approached us to see if we would invest in the dialysis unit we listened and acted. Dialysing is time consuming and often an unpleasant experience for patients. Previously we have invested in multimedia for the Children’s Kidney Unit at the Heath. We hope this investment will help adults at the Heath as much as we have helped children.”
Boring and Isolating