Ana has Talent to Fundraise – young kidney patient thinking of others

Young and elegant, Ana Moaksom is a very special young lady whose actions have inspired her family and friends to raise funds for Kidney Wales Foundation. Ana’s fundraising began when she signed up for the Cardiff 2K run in September 2010 and went about getting as many people to sponsor her as she could.

Ana who studied dance with Debbie Chapman for 5 years has encouraged the Debbie Chapman Dancer’s , as seen on “Britain’s Got Talent” and Sky’s “Got To Dance” to present Dansation X – a whole new show of spectacular routines in aid of Kidney Wales Foundation at St David’s Hall, Cardiff on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of July.

Ana is like any other 12 year old girl; she goes to school, plays with her friends, loves clothes, fashion and would like to have a puppy. All this hides the fact that Ana was diagnosed with kidney failure when she was just 4 years of age. Ana’s diagnosis came after she had suffered from periods of extremely high temperature. Ana’s parents have been told that although her kidney function is stable at the moment she will require a kidney transplant sometime in the future.

It is hoped that Ana’s mother, Amanda, will donate one of her kidneys when the time comes for Ana to need the transplant. Ana attends the Kidney Wales Children’s Kidney Centre in the Heath every three months for check- ups, to make sure that she stays as healthy as possible. Ana’s parents just hope that the need for a transplant can be delayed so the disruption to Ana’s schooling is kept to a minimum.

Amanda Moaksom said “Donating money to Kidney Wales is important to us. The commitment of the charity to renal research might mean that one day, people like my father and daughter, won’t have to go through transplant operations or undergo dialysis treatment”.
Ana’s family is all too aware of the impact kidney disease can have. Ana’s grandfather,
Marshal Nugent, received a kidney transplant 16 years ago after years on dialysis treatment. It is the effect kidney disease has had on their family that Ana and her parents are so committed to raising money for renal research.

The famous Debbie Chapman’s Dancers have featured on ITV’s Britain‘s Got Talent and SKY’s Got to Dance and TV programmers across the UK. “Choreography, precision, technique these guys have it all. I love them!” Kimberley Wyatt, the Pussycat Dolls. Amanda Holden is quoted as saying publicly that she would love her daughter to go to this school. Debbie has 5 student’s moving on to the London Contemporary Dance Studio, Lanes and the prestigious Royal Ballet School in Richmond.

Tickets £11 & £12 St David’s Hall Box Office 029 2087 8444

For information about Kidney Wales Foundation contact 029 2034 3940 or visit


The Kidney Wales Children’s Centre, was originally opened in 1999 and was recently refurbished at a cost of £100,000 – funded by Kidney Wales supporters. The centre offers specialist inpatient care to children with kidney disease and renal failure. The centre and its patients receive funding from the Kidney Wales Foundation for tuition, play equipment, supporting families and staff training.

For over 45 years Kidney Wales Foundation has been at the forefront of kidney patient care, wellbeing and research. Kidney Wales Foundation’s exists to support patients and families and promote excellence in renal research, treatment and education in Wales.Ana has Talent to Fundraise