[:en]On Saturday 6th June 2015 over 300 competitors took part in the first ever Kidney Wales Foundation Gauntlet Games. This was the first time the Gauntlet Games had been held in Wales and Kidney Wales welcomed the participants to the beautiful surroundings of Coedarhydyglyn Estate, Cardiff, which is not normally open to the public.

A privately owned Estate on the outskirts of Cardiff, the Treharne family back to Henry VII has owned Coedarhydyglyn. With it’s breathtaking views, rolling hills, extensive woodland and water features it was the ideal place to take on our gauntlet of obstacles.

The Gauntlet Games are a hilarious and fun interactive obstacle course race, suitable for people of any age and fitness ability. To successfully complete the challenge, participant had to run, jog or walk a 5K course or 10K course, passing through a series of zones, manned by the Gladiators. The participants were so busy laughing that many forgot about the running and just had fun with their friends.

They dodged the paint guns, balanced on beams across muddy bogs with the Gladiators ready to stop them and then escape to the giant slippery slide.

The event was all about having fun with friends and for all those that entered they crossed the line wet and muddy but with smiles on their faces having enjoyed the fun event and with the knowledge that they has raised money to help Kidney Wales Foundation carry on their work supporting kidney patients across Wales.

Look out for the Gaunlet Games in 2016 on 4th June!