[:en]With Walk Organisers from across Wales Kidney Wales celebrated the life of Teddy at the Walk For Life Celebration Lunch in July 2015.

Guests of honour were Teddy’s Parents Jess Evans and Mike Houlston, from Cardiff after the story of their son Teddy was revealed earlier this year.

When Jess was just 12 weeks pregnant with twin boys, she was told that one of them was fatally ill with anencephaly – a rare birth defect that prevents the brain and skull developing.

Mike said: “Throughout the pregnancy, Teddy was so strong. Every single day he was punching around. We knew right from the beginning that there was more to him.”

Teddy and his brother Noah were born on April 22, 2014 at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Teddy survived for just 100 minutes.

“When we talk about those two hours, it was a magical time for us. We had so long to prepare for it that it was really peaceful,” Mike said.

Jess and Mike decided to donate Teddy’s organs.

When Teddy’s story was revealed earlier this year, there was a 378% rise in the number of people signing the organ donation register.

Kidney Wales work with Jess and Mike to celebrate his life and promote organ donation.

Angharad Griffiths, who supported Jess and Mike, was presented with an Excellence Award from NHS BT.[:]