Kidney Wales started campaigning for change in law on deemed consent in July 2007 and today welcomed news that the Labour Party will change the law in England but hopes the current Government in Westminster will see it as a cross –party matter as in Wales which was led successfully by a Labour Government under First Minister Carwyn Jones .

Professor Roy J Thomas CEO of Kidney Wales said “The announcement by Jeremy Corbyn today at the Labour Party Conference to adopt . a system of deemed consent in England is a tribute to the work of the Campaigners throughout the UK and in particular the Daily Mirror and support of its readers in bringing the plight of those waiting with no hope of an organ transplant to the attention of a wider audience in England. “

Professor Thomas added “We hope the current Government will know consider this seriously so it is a cross –party decision as it was in Wales –saving lives which are lost daily all over the UK. ”

According a research by Bangor University the good news in Wales is that overall consent rates for cases that come under the new soft opt out system was 64% over the first 18 months.

Further facts arise from the Research and official NHS BT figures show:
· Overall consent rates (including family consent which falls outside of the Act) have increased from 48.5% in 2014/15 to 61% (01.12.15-31.05.17) in Wales.
· People registering on the Organ Donor Register increased from 34%-38% between 31.03.15 – 31.03.17 in Wales.
· As of June 2017, 1,181,709 people in Wales had opted in, and 176,011 opted out of organ donation, which is 6% of the population and less than the Government and Kidney Wales anticipated.