Organ Donation law changes will increase organ availability across the UK by 20 to 30 percent – “game changer” – says Kidney Wales – “The Invisible Death Row is becoming more “Visible” for those in need…”

Reacting to Prime Minister Theresa May announcement who today vowed to change the law on organ donation, moving to the Opt Out system – Kidney Wales stated it is the game changer for the UK and will increase organ donation in the UK by 20 per cent possibly 30 percent and will have a great effect on transplantation in Wales as well.

Kidney Wales has been campaigning for the change since July 2007.

Professor Roy Thomas CEO of Kidney Wales said today ”The Invisible Death Row is becoming more “Visible” to now everyone in the UK especially and most of whom to those who are in need- hoping and waiting – on the organ transplant list in the UK.”

Prof Thomas added , “We now have all substantial political parties in the UK supporting those who need hope and are waiting for a transplant with the UK Government taking the lead. It is great news a real game changer. ”

Shaun Ruck who is awaiting a kidney transplant said – “Everyone who waits for a transplant hoped that the law would change in the whole of the UK. This announcement is very important. Waiting is not a great experience and we who wait tend to underplay what it is like. Sadly, some do not survive the wait. Many more will do so with more donations across the UK.”

The Prime Minister’s announcement comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn backed the change in his keynote conference speech last week.

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable had also declared his support for the switch in the law to presumed consent.