Leading Welsh Charity Kidney Wales announced award categories today to promote and award health professionals and centres that hold the highest standards of kidney care in Wales in kidney. The awards will highlight the sense of working together with patients that has emerged in Kidney Wales 50th year. The winners will be assessed by patient representatives and members of the Kidney Wales team. The awards will be presented to those whose merit achievement from patients, who highly regard the service and approach taken.

Home dialysis kidney patient Michelle Bargery said “I have seen close up the work that health professionals give patients like me. It is right they should be appreciated. I have been fortunate to be looked after for a number of years, so I know the differences of care a patient can receive. It is right to award the best and help others get better and improve standards.”

Kate Lawless who received a transplant from her mother said “Awards recognise those who go the extra mile. Often, they are taken for granted. I support this and look forward to help deciding the winners.”

Both Kate and Michelle will join with patients and others in Kidney Wales in deciding the Awards. The Award winners will be announced shortly at a special presentation event.

The Categories are as follows.

1. Kidney Wales Dialysis Centre of the Year Award

The dialysis centre puts patients first and demonstrates understanding of wellness – bringing multi-disciplinary approach to treating patients.

2. Kidney Wales Innovative and Change Performance Dialysis Centre of the Year

Bringing new ways of working with patients such as encouraging Patient View and listening to Patient needs.

3. Kidney Wales Working together Fundraising Award

Raising funds for Kidney Wales.

4. Kidney Wales Dialysis Centre promoting links for Patients

A Centre that brings together patients with the help of staff at the Centre.

5. Kidney Wales Community Dialysis Centre

Centres committed to patients and delivering best experience.

6. Kidney Wales Patients Champions in the Medical Health Professions

Health Professionals who demonstrate beyond the call of duty to patients.