Today’s Kidney Wales conference was a ground-breaking event which brought together young Welsh adults with kidney disease, their parents and carers, together with a number of medical experts from across the UK.

As the first conference of its kind in Wales, if not the UK, it focused on the attainment of a healthy mind while living with kidney disease; enabling people to live well and think positively through the ‘Can do Mind’.

The young people in attendance were invited to share their own feelings and experiences on many issues that shape their lives, ranging from depression and anxiety to fatigue, and the support that’s available in the different areas in Wales.

One theme was clear throughout the day and that was the important role that these young adults can play in shaping how kidney disease is treated and how patients can act as advocates, steering the work that is being done.

Professor Roy Thomas said: “The four most important words for the day were ‘what do you think?’ and I hope that everyone felt that they had a forum in which they could speak to people with similar experiences.

“I was really pleased with the level of engagement from the young adults who attended the event. There were some really tough topics covered today and people didn’t shy away from addressing the issues and sharing their own experiences which will be vital when we’re speaking to policy makers in the future.”