Dr Chris Hamilton and Professor Roy J Thomas


Kidney Wales is looking to influence new ways of health care by building a Wellness Centre for patients in Wales. The focus of the Centre will be on self-management and being in control of your kidney disease and the disease not controlling you.

We’re holding a series of workshops to explore this further.

Workshops for young adults aged 18 to 24 years of age will take place in the Autumn of 2018

Can Do Project is a successful project about helping yourself as well as others to gain a healthier personal well-being. It is also about understanding that it is not only the treatment of dialysis, medication or a transplant that is key but how we work on the Can Do Mind, recognising that the mind might not want to do this but persevering nonetheless. Years of living with a chronic disease brings a special intelligence to kidney patients which is often not seen by those who have never had this experience.

We need to:
• Recognise that there are alternative ways of thinking
• Recognise what triggers a crisis or a difficult time (fatigue, work, family, treatment)
• Read the warning signs of a possible crisis
• Identify if any particular actions can prevent a crisis developing – work with others to help them self-manage the disease

The Workshops work out for yourself which coping strategies work best for you in difficult times that eventually bring you in recognising that Can Do thinking brings you a routine:
• To develop with Can Do Project other sources of support for people like you experiencing similar issues
• Build or experiment on ongoing coping strategies into a mentally healthy lifestyle
• Compile an action plan which is personal to you, see if it works, change it help others do the same
• Determine your goals
• Draw up an advance plan setting out how you would like to be treated to discuss with medical profession

Adopting a Can Do Mind is exciting but also hard work. It takes time, it is not an overnight remedy, it takes working on your own and sharing experiences with others.

Attendees at Can Do Mind Workshop