Following our success in Wales, a significant number of MPs in Westminster are needed to support the third reading of the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Private Members Bill which will take place around 1pm this Friday 26 October.


Kidney Wales supports a change of system as it could increase organ donation rates by 20%. You can support this change as well, by emailing your MP and encouraging them to attend the third reading of the bill on Friday 26 October and to put their support behind the opt-out bill. If you have been affected by kidney disease or any other illness where an organ transplant is required, explain to them why it is so important for them to attend and the impact this change of system could have. You can find your MP on the Parliament Website.


Each Friday, many MPs head back to their constituencies and do not usually stay in Parliament. Please help us to encourage MPs to stay and attend the reading and vote for it. The bill, as in Wales, will apply to England and provides the means for legislation to change the system by which consent is given for organ donation to an opt-out system.


At present people wishing to donate their organs must actively sign the Organ Donor Register to confirm they wish to donate. The new scheme would make it much easier for these people to donate and thus increase the number of potential donors, whilst also respecting the wishes of people who do not wish to do so.


This bill was put in place by Geoffrey Robinson MP and is supported by the government. Since the second reading in February, it has had more detail added to it and has passed successfully through its ‘committee stage’ in September. This is where a committee met to agree the bill’s details, however, before it goes to the House of Lords for their consideration MPs must now agree to this ‘report’ stage where they review the amended bill.