The Haverfordwest Committee was formed in November 1981. There were 3 people at the inaugural meeting. Christine Mackeen holds the current position as chair of the committee. 

During the last 37 years the committee have held and organised: – 

  • Annual coffee mornings
  • House to house collections
  • Flag days Charity bike ride culminating in a Snowdon climb 
  • Bed pushes 
  • Variety Concerts
  • Punch & pate evenings 
  • Cawl a chan events 
  • Sankey festival
  • Garden parties  
  • BBQ’s 
  • Quizzes/Fun days combined with an all-day music event & choral concerts organised by Emma.
  • Walks for life, with which we included, in various years, an Easter egg hunt, fancy dress competition and a Treasure Hunt.


The first cheque the committee presented in October 1982 for £2,000 was prior to the Children’s unit which was due to be opened in Autumn 1983. During these years they have also written numerous letters to lobby for improved renal services in Pembrokeshire and after the opening of the Renal unit at Withybush hospital in 2008, and then the permanent build in 2014. They supported the needs of the patients by providing them with stress relieving cushions & mattresses, personal headphones, DVD players and televisions, to name a few, as well as Christmas lunches for the patients and their carers. Emma also organised a trip on a fabulous tall ship where they had a wonderful lunch.

The Haverfordwest Committee have also received a great deal of support from local charities as well as large personal donations from individuals who have gone over and above to support them. Emma brought new life and ideas to the Committee and has worked tirelessly with John, Tom and her family as support. Paul Herbert, Christine’s son participated in many parachute jumps and her daughter Trina Herbert participated in a Pembrokeshire coastal path walk. Wendy Herbert became an Alfie’s angel and completed a half marathon. This clearly shows that the Committee had and always will have huge support from Christine’s family in memory of her late husband Terry Herbert, who has been the Committee’s guiding star throughout. 

Linda’s family too have been active throughout, culminating in Greg and Sophie McCann’s 10k last year. In fact, nearly everyone on the Committee over the years were involved due to friends or family who had been touched by kidney disease in some form. These are just some of the achievements of the Haverfordwest Committee over the years. The Committee are very proud of what they achieved and had an incredibly fun time. They had a fantastic time meeting amazing inspirational people who they shared many tears and joys with.

The Committee have also been deeply saddened when they’ve lost members of their Committee family. They’ve been deeply touched by the wonderful stories of strength and perseverance that they have heard, from the people they have met and extremely proud and privileged to have been on the periphery of the ground-breaking work and the life changing laws that have been achieved by Kidney Wales. 

In January this year we met some of the members for their final committee meeting where we were presented with a cheque for £16,161.50 part of which will be used to support renal patients at Withybush unit, and the remainder to improve the facilities available at the Children’s Kidney Unit.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Committee members for your hard work and dedication over the years, and for helping us make a difference to the lives of patients and their families locally.  Diolch o gallon i chi gyd.