We had a sunny welcome to Brighton for UKKW2019 at the beginning of June this year. The 3 day conference, run by the British Renal Society and Renal Association, brings together Health professional and patients from all areas of Renal care to share knowledge, promote best practice  and improve patient care.

Thanks to Kidney Wales I was able to attend the conference this year. My name is Louise Kennedy and I am the renal and transplant specialist physiotherapist working at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. My role is split between assessing and treating patients on the renal ward B5 and the transplant unit and running the BALANCE Weight and Lifestyle Management community programme for pre and post transplant donors and recipients across the whole of South Wales.

As a physiotherapist my focus is on the physical well being of patients with renal disease throughout their journey so it was encouraging to see the number of presentations and posters promoting exercise and increased activity in the renal population. This year there was emphasis on the impact of renal disease and dialysis on levels of frailty and how as health professionals we can combat and reverse the symptoms of frailty.

As well as attending lectures we have the annual meeting of the Renal Rehab Network which involves all disciplines of health professionals from around the country involved in rehabilitation and exercise within Renal care. We have been developing guidelines to ‘provide a workforce plan to support the delivery of a comprehensive and specialist kidney care for adults and children across the UK by dedicated clinical and non-clinical multi-professional teams’. This includes looking at the services that are and should be provided and what staffing levels would be appropriate to deliver those services.  The emphasis is working toward increasing physical activity by running ‘prehab’ and rehab programmes, supporting exercise on dialysis and signposting patients to community initiatives such as the National Exercise on Referral (NERS) Scheme.

As with all areas of renal care there is importance placed on patient choice and control over their treatment and there were a number of resources available to patients to encourage increased activity including the TIME project available on the BRS website and MOVE resources developed by Bangor University

If you would like to know more about Living Well with Kidney Disease then visit the Renal Roadshow at Cleppa Park Dialysis Unit on 4thJuly. If you are interested in the BALANCE programme then speak to your Specialist nurse, dietitian or Dr and they will be able to refer you.


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