Kidney Wales are pleased to announce that in the new year Judith Stone will be joining Kidney Wales as Managing Director, on secondment from her post as Assistant Director of Sector Development at WCVA.

Judith has worked at WCVA for 15 years; since 2015 she has been Assistant Director for the Strategy and Sector Development Team, with responsibility for managing operational delivery of policy, volunteering, funding, governance and safeguarding; and as senior lead for partnership work with the 19 county voluntary councils (CVCs) and the Third Sector Partnership Council networks; prior to that she led the Third Sector European Team.

Judith has been a trustee of Kidney Wales since October 2017 and will be standing down from the Board at the AGM on 28 November, to take up her new position in the New Year.
Judith said ‘As a patient, and with a family history of being affected by chronic kidney disease, I have first-hand understanding of how it impacts not only on physical health, but also mental health, family, relationships, social life, employment and education.

‘I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to use the skills and experiences I have gained at WCVA to join a national charity that works alongside health professionals to provide information, advice, advocacy, financial and practical assistance to patients, and most importantly, connectivity to an invaluable network of peer support’.

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive of WCVA said ‘WCVA is committed to providing the best possible learning and development opportunities for our staff.

‘Secondments are a great way to experience what it is like to work in another organisation, whilst retaining links and connections with your employer.

‘I am delighted that we have been able to work with Kidney Wales to create this arrangement that will be a win-win for all concerned. It is a good example of us making a bigger difference together’.

Louise Evans, Chair of Kidney Wales said ‘During our recent recruitment Judith stood out as possessing the range of attributes we were seeking to take forward Kidney Wales, with a passion for the cause, energy, skills and significant experience.

‘I’m delighted that Kidney Wales is able to collaborate with WCVA for our mutual benefit.’