Let’s have a tea-rific time!


Kidney Wales are incredibly excited to announce that we have collaborated with Glengetti Tea for another year, to encourage our supporters to hold tea parties across Wales and the United Kingdom. We would love for you, over the month of March, to join us hosting your own tea parties, in the community, over skype with remote colleagues, or on World Kidney Day wearing beanies.    

Our aim is to raise awareness and funds for the people in Wales affected by kidney disease, kidney related illness and the effects it has on not only patients but also their family and friends, you can find more information about it here. Already we have had a fantastic response, with lots of people ordering our tea party packs, which include a fundraising guide with recommendations of where to start, online fundraising, how to promote your event and an event planner so you can keep track of all your details and materials. The pack also comes with some invitations for your event, blank posters so you can promote, a welsh cake recipe to get you started with goodies to share and most importantly of all, some Glengetti teabags for you to enjoy.  

Suggestions to make your event even more exciting are to potentially hold activities during the event such as ‘the best cupcake/cake’, or even ‘the best drawing of a cake or teapot’. You could also play some fun games for example musical chairs, teabag toss, pin the lid on the teapot, tea – time anagram i.e. finding the longest word, funniest word or most words you can make out of the letters TEA PARTY.  

Our tea party packs are completely free, we can send them via post, or you can collect a pack and meet the team! Please give us a call, let us know the details and date of your event. Then all we ask is that you have fun.  


02920 343 940