On Monday 30 March, Dr Mike Stephens Consultant Transplant Surgeon at The University Hospital of Wales teamed up with Kidney Wales to host a live Q&A within the newly set up group on facebook Kidney Wales Community.

The full report of the session is available here – Live Q&A Dr Mike Stephens 30 March 2020  

The full video can be found on our Kidney Wales Community Facebook group  or on YouTube

You will see below the key messages, and links to further information / guidance in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Key Messages

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water!
• Don’t wait for your letter from the NHS – evidence shows that shielding works, do it now and stick with it! You will significantly lower risk of getting the virus.
• If you are shielding, people you live with must stringently follow social distancing guidance.
• If you are shielding and a family member has to work, when they return home: wash hands and clothes immediately; keep work equipment out of the house; social distance at work and within your house; sleep in separate beds; use separate toilets where possible; and use separate towels and cooking utensils.
• Let your kidney team know if you have any symptoms and they will keep a watch on you
• Don’t make any changes to your medication unless you are advised to do so by your kidney team
• If your kidney team ask you to attend an appointment at clinic, it is important that you are seen in person.
• Some outpatient appointments may be less frequent or may be conducted over the phone.
• The UK transplant programme is currently on hold
• Live kidney donors are not at higher risk of either getting the virus or having a more serious illness.
• Take a look at the detailed Coronavirus guidance for people with kidney disease, produced by Kidney Care UK.

Links to further information:

• People who are shielding will be able to request a weekly food box. If you do not have anybody who can help you, please contact your local authority. The letter from the NHS will tell you how to do this. See further information here.
• Find out what financial support is available for people affected by COVID-19
• NHS guidance on exercises to do at home