Kidney Care UK has up-dated its guidance on Coronavirus for people with kidney disease to reflect the changes announced over the weekend for people who have been shielding.

The guidance for people in Wales who are advised to shield is:

1. Those who have been shielding at home are now able to leave home to exercise or meet outside with people from another household. You should strictly follow social distancing (2 metres or 3 steps away from another person).
2. People should follow this advice until at least 15 June 2020. The Chief Medical Officer will soon be writing to those who are shielding advising what to do after 15 June 2020.

For all people who are in the extremely vulnerable group who decide to go outside, it is important to follow sensible precautions, for example choosing quiet times to go outside and avoid crowds. You should also practice good hygiene (frequent hand washing for 20 seconds or using a hand sanitiser and avoiding touching things touched by others). If you live alone and meet someone from outside your household, it should always be the same person if possible.

Everyone who has been advised to shield should continue to do so. You should receive a letter by 15 June with information about what happens next. This advice is:

1. Strictly avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). These symptoms include high temperature and/or new and continuous cough.
2. Do not leave your house.
3. Do not attend any gatherings. This includes gatherings of friends and families in private spaces for example family homes, weddings and religious services.*
4. Do not go out for shopping, leisure or travel and, when arranging food or medication deliveries, these should be left at the door to minimise contact.*
5. Keep in touch using remote technology such as phone, internet, and social media

What should you do if you have someone else living with you?
Other members of your household do not need to shield themselves, but should stringently follow guidance on social distancing.

In addition, the whole household must be very careful to follow the measures set out in guidance, for example by cleaning any shared spaces in between use. Please read the full list of measures.