The World Health Organisation’s latest guidance is to wear face coverings on public transport and public areas/locations where social distancing is difficult.  The Welsh Government is following this updated advice and recommending people in Wales wear three-layer face coverings on public transport, or in situations where social distancing is not possible.

The evidence remains clear that maintaining a two-metre distance and good hand hygiene is the most effective way to protect yourself and others from contracting coronavirus, but the updated guidance from the WHO says three layer face coverings could help provide some control of the virus in specific circumstances.  Read the Welsh Government guidance here. 

The use of face masks whilst travelling to/from and whilst dialysing is encouraged by the Welsh Renal Network. Transplant patients are also advised to wear a mask if going outside.

Kidney Wales will purchase re-usable face coverings for our Kidney community, for use during the pandemic. This type of mask is a face covering, rather than a medical grade surgical mask and it will therefore not negatively affect the supply of PPE to healthcare settings.

With thanks to all who voted on our social media channels, the design of our mask has been set! Masks will be available to request via the form below, and are provided free of charge for all kidney patients who are under hospital care. Additional masks can be requested (limited to an additional 1 per household), but for these we ask that you consider a donation of £4.50 per additional mask to cover the cost of the mask and postage.


Our Kidney Wales Face Coverings are now out of stock.  To receive notification if they come back in stock click here