Following the three-weekly review of lockdown measures by Welsh Government, on 22 June the Deputy Chief Medical Officer made a statement which confirmed there are no changes to the shielding guidance.  People who are shielding are asked to continue to follow that guidance until 16 August.  This is in contrast to changes announced in England for people for are shielding.
The letters sent from NHS Wales to shielding patients in June confirmed two changes, which are still permitted:
• Outdoor exercise is unlimited – ensuring you strictly follow social distancing and hygiene practices. Risk can never be completely eliminated but we advise those shielding to exercise at times that are less busy so contact with others is reduced.
• The ability to meet others – Those who are shielding were advised they can meet with people from another household in their local area outdoors. However, they should not go into another person’s house or share food with them.
All the other shielding advice, such as working from home; not sharing meals or utensils at home; sleeping in a separate bed; not sharing towels and cleaning the bathroom after use, remain in place for your protection. This is advice only – shielding is not compulsory.
Judith Stone, Managing Director of Kidney Wales, said “the resilience of kidney patients who are shielding has been remarkable, but strictly adhering to the shielding advice is tough so a balance must be found with what is achievable and gives you an acceptable quality of life.  Speak to your healthcare team about your individual circumstances, listen to their advice and do what is right for you and your family.”
Welsh Government has also up-dated its advice to recommend wearing a face covering when you are out of the house and in any area where a social distance cannot be maintained. Request your mask from Kidney Wales here!