Kidney Wales is pleased to be one of the supporters of the new ‘Distance Aware’ NHS initiative that has been established to enable individuals and organisations to wear a badge or lanyard which is intended to politely prompt social distancing and respect of individual space.
A google-poll of 1749 people in late June, including people with kidney disease, found that over 91% thought it was a good idea to have a badge or similar available to enable individuals to self-identify, with over 95% believing this choice could help those who feel vulnerable during the upcoming transition period from shielding.   99% of those who took part in the poll said that if they saw a badge/pin they recognised, they would respect someone’s space and keep their distance.
The ability to self-identify as wanting your space respected and others to maintain distance has been welcomed. The scheme, backed by Welsh Government, is open to everyone, not just those who feel vulnerable or who may have been shielding, reflecting the fact that the need for ongoing social distancing is a personal responsibility for everyone.
Judith Stone, Managing Director of Kidney Wales said: “People with kidney disease, particularly those who are shielding, have told us that they are anxious about getting out and about and are wary of others not respecting a social distance.  The ‘Distance Aware’ campaign is for everyone, as a reminder of the importance of keeping two metres apart.  Kidney Wales and Paul Popham Fund are among the first organisations in Wales to receive these badges and lanyards from the NHS ‘Distance Aware’ campaign, and we are working together to distribute them to patients and families across Wales.   At Kidney Wales we are sending them out with the face coverings we are making available free of charge to kidney patients under hospital care.”
Further information about the ‘Distance Aware’ campaign can be accessed here :
Face coverings for people with kidney disease who are under hospital care, along with the ‘Distance Aware’ badge can be requested via this link: