Following the announcement by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales (CMO) on the 15th of July, notifying all individuals who have been shielding as of the 16th of August they no longer need to do so.  Letter’s  from the Chief Medical Officer for Wales confirming these details are currently being issued. The letter also provides details of the support that will continue to be available to this group.

       The letter confirms after 16th August:  

  • You no longer need to stay 2 metres or 3 steps away from people you live with or who are part of your extended household;  
  • You can go to work, if you cannot work from home, as long as the business is COVID secure (has taken reasonable measures to minimise risk to employees); children who have been shielding can return to school when schools re-start;
  • You can go out for any reason, including going to shops to buy food but you should stay 2 metres or 3 steps away from other people.

    What support will be available after the 16th of August?

  • Details of those who were shielding will be kept,  so that they can be contacted if required.
  • You will still be able to access priority slots for supermarket deliveries
  • The prescription delivery service will continue until the end of September.
  • Food boxes will be stopping. If you currently receive a food box, you will receive your last delivery in the week ending 16th August, on your usual delivery day. If you still need support after the 16th August and you do not have anyone to help you, speak with your local council. The contact details for each local council will be at the end of your letter.
  • In the event of high numbers of coronavirus cases in a local area in Wales considerations will be made whether people in that local area should shield.   If this happens or advice changes for your area this will be communicated with the pubic via local radio and television, and if there is a need for you to shield again you will be written to.

The written statement and full letter is available to download here

Please remember your medical team are best placed to advise on your individual case, if you have concerns or questions please consult with your team directly.

You are advised to wear a mask when you are out of the house and in any area where a social distance cannot be maintained.  Request a mask from Kidney Wales here.