This week we mark Organ Donation Week, encouraging people to make and record a decision about organ donation, and to share that with their families and friends.

Read Ceri’s incredible story as an altruistic live kidney donor.  The Altruistic Living Donor Program matches altruistic donors with recipients awaiting transplantation.

“My story began in November 2016 when I heard an interview on the Jeremy Vine show. He was talking to a man who had made a decision to donate a kidney to a stranger.

I had been thinking for a long time about how I could do something to help others, but with a busy work and social life, it was difficult to volunteer for a cause on a regular basis. This interview struck a chord and I decided to contact the transplant team at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Despite initial opposition from some family members, I was determined to go ahead. The support from staff at the hospital was fantastic from day one. After several months of rigorous testing my kidney was removed in July 2016. During the few days recuperating, I spent time with people who had just received a kidney and those who were still on the waiting list. What a huge difference in their quality of life!

All I know about the recipient is that his name was Neil and the transplant was a success. I would love to have heard from him further but great care is taken to ensure that the donor and donee remain anonymous.

I have absolutely no regrets. I have returned to a completely normal life with no ill effects. I was back at work within a few weeks and back at the gym within a few months. It was an honour to be able to offer someone the chance to regain their health”.

Have you had the conversation?  See more information about Organ Donation in Wales.