Caerphilly County has gone into lockdown, becoming the first county in Wales to face tougher restrictions following a spike in Covid-19 cases.
No-one is allowed to leave the county without good reason, with stricter measures brought in from 18:00 on 8 September 2020.  Family and friends living apart are no longer able to meet indoors, stay overnight, or form extended households.  See further information here:

What is the advice for people who have been shielding in the case of a local lockdown?

For those residents of Caerphilly County Borough who were shielding prior to 16th of August and therefore remain on the Shielding Patient List, there is no change to the advice from the Chief Medical Officer for Wales: shielding is not being re-introduced at this time. Welsh Government will continue to monitor this position carefully and will write directly to people on the list in this area if this changes.

In the meantime those who were previously shielding should consider the advice they have already been given on how to keep safe;

– Keep contacts outside the household to a minimum and avoid all situations either inside or outside where you are not able to maintain a physical distance of 2m from those outside your household.
– Utilise priority shopping slots for supermarkets or shop at quieter times of day
– Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water regularly and use hand sanitiser where hand washing facilities are not available
– Avoid touching surfaces that have been touched by others.

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