Congratulations to the team for winning the prestigious patient and public involvement award from Health & Care Research Wales.  Led by Dr Gareth Roberts, Consultant Nephrologist at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, this research study involves a multi-disciplinary team of experienced kidney specialists and specialist nurses from other health boards across Wales and researchers from the Wales Kidney Research Unit based at Bangor University.

People who have progressive and advanced kidney disease will need to make a decision about future treatment options. There are many treatments available including transplantation (if a person is deemed medically fit for this operation), haemodialysis (either at home or in a dialysis unit) peritoneal dialysis (at home) and supportive care without dialysis (called maximum conservative management).

NHS renal teams work with people living with kidney disease, family members and carers to support people to make the best treatment decision for them. Currently in Wales we know that most people chose unit haemodialysis as their preferred treatment option, but we do not understand the key factors that lead to this choice.

The dialysis options and choices study aims to learn more about people with kidney disease, family members and carers understanding of available treatment options, what they value most when making these tough decisions, and the support networks available to them.

Learning from people’s experiences and opinions was at the heart of this research.  The findings will inform future education programmes in Wales, to help others to make the right treatment decision for them and their family and make best use of NHS resources.

Please download the final report in Lay language here Dialysis Options and Choices Lay Report and take a look at this film co-produced with people who are on home dialysis: