The Explosion of Colour!

LockDownRenga is a project developed in response to the COVID-19 lock down by artists, David Sinden and Kate Woodward. It has been designed for children ages 11-17yrs under the care of the Cardiff Children’s Kidney Centre. The children will take part in a live one-day photography workshop that will bring us together as a group online to create new pieces of art together!

Shaun, David and Kate want to inspire the children to have fun taking photos, sharing them with the group and responding to photos other people share with you! Each round of photo’s we take creates a brand new and exciting piece of artwork together! J

To take part you will need:

  1. A digital camera and a way of getting your pictures off your device to send them to us (If you don’t have a camera this can be a smart phone with a camera on it)
  2. A computer / tablet with a web browser so that you can send us your photographs and run ZOOM live video and talk to your fellow participants.
  3. A good internet connection because you will be looking at and sending photographs and using live video chat to talk to your fellow participants.
  4. A sense of adventure because you and your fellow participants will be creating brand new digital artworks together!


The first workshop will be on Thursday 5th of November 2020, 10:30am – 4pm.

If you are under the care of the Children’s Kidney Centre (CKC) in Cardiff and you are between the ages of 11-17yrs it is free to take part!


Kidney Wales are so pleased to be able to support and fund these activities.

The Shaun and the team have worked hard to bring this together for you and we hope you will enjoy it.


If you want to get involved or would like any more information,

please contact Shaun Thomas (Renal Youth Worker) on 07866810401 or Shaun.Thomas2@wales.nhs.uk

you can also visit www.lockdownrenga.net


Deadline to register for the workshop is Monday 2nd November

Places are assigned on a first come first served basis