Covid19 Vaccine


Sadly, we are unsure exactly when the vaccine will be available but as soon as we know we will release the news.



Firstly it will be the priority groups, those who are at a higher risk This being said the being, Older adults in care homes and the workers. 80+ and our frontline workers in health and social care. It will also include those who are at serious risk of disease and sadly in some cases death from Covid-19



The Information on Welsh Gov FAQ page so best to find more information

We will be hosting a love Q&A with Trustee and Transplant Surgeon Mike Stephens

Thursday 19th Nov  –  19:00PM  –  further info here


There have been news articles this week that focus on a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Sources link the latest advances to two pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNtech. There are a number of vaccines that are currently in the final stages of testing. Early results have shown one of the developing Coronavirus vaccines could prevent more than 90% of people from getting the virus. The Guardian  have recently shared an update from BioNtech “The scientist behind the first potential Covid-19 vaccine to clear interim clinical trials says he is “very confident” the jab will reduce transmission of the disease, perhaps by 50%, resulting in a “dramatic” reduction in cases.” 

Boris has said himself “not to rely on the news, as it is still very early”, and the UK is looking to buy 40million doses, with the hope of treating up to 20million individuals with two doses per person.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Hancock said: “We still appeal this morning for people’s patience, firstly to follow existing rules. Because this is still a deadly disease and this is not over yet.” “Even once we start to roll it out, we still need to look after ourselves, look after our community by following the rules and being careful to stop the spread of transmission.”

We are continuing to monitor all updates relating to the vaccine. At this moment in time we know it will not be released until it is safe and has passed all checks by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agencys.


Here is the link to the news thread for more