We do enjoy a good podcast!


Kidney Patient Podcasts

We LOVE a podcast here at Kidney Wales! They’re a great way to listen to stories and an opportunity to learn, when you have some free time.

Perhaps while you’re walking, washing up or settling down for the night.


Here are two great podcast  series hosted by patients, talking about their lived experience of kidney disease:

CKD – Diary of a Kidney Warrior


Join Dee Moore a Stage 4 Kidney Warrior as she interviews guests and explores all aspects of Kidney Disease, Chronic Illnesses and Health.

The Professional Patients Podcast


Ruban and Ollie are two great friends brought together by the woeful/wonderful world of Chronic Kidney Failure.  They speak about their experiences of spending their lives in and out of hospital, and what it’s like being professional patients.

We hope you enjoy – let us know what you think, and if you’d like us to recommend more podcasts.

If you have found a podcast you think we should check out please let us know. team@kidneywales.cymru