The Kidney Charities Together group joint response to Lancet publication


New research published in The Lancet has shown that, unlike the general population, many people who have kidney failure and who are on haemodialysis have a poor antibody response to two doses of covid19 vaccine. The research also shows that the antibodies are less effective against the delta variant; and that people on haemodialysis have a better response to an mRNA vaccine (such as Pfizer) than an adenovirus vaccine (such as AstraZeneca).


This adds to the existing research from the UK and elsewhere showing that many people who are on immunosuppressants to prevent kidney transplant rejection, or for treatment of kidney disease, are not adequately protected by two doses of the covid19 vaccine. Therefore, this leaves many thousands of kidney patients who have had two doses of vaccines without as much protection from covid19 as the rest of the population. That is why we, as the Kidney Charities Together Group*, are jointly calling on the JCVI to urgently prioritise the roll out of a third dose to kidney patients who are on haemodialysis, or who have had a transplant, or who are taking immunosuppressants due to a particular kidney condition. We need clear information and guidance, an update to the interim advice issued in June and clarity on when and how these individuals can receive their third dose.


As restrictions lift and guidance changes across the UK many thousands of people are anxious because despite having shielded and having had two doses of their vaccines they still don’t know if they have enough protection to return to ‘normal.’ More needs to be done to ensure their safety so that they can enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of the population.



The Kidney Charities Together group strongly recommends that precautions are still taken to remain COVID safe.

  • Maintain the hands, face, space principles
  • Get fully vaccinated and encourage those in your community and household to do the same
  • Being vaccinated does offer some protection without it you are at serious risk of becoming seriously ill if you catch COVID-19
  • Get your third dose when offered as this offers extra protection


Visit our coronavirus and kidney disease frequently asked questions to find answers to from kidney specialists about the Covid-19 vaccines.


We understand that it is hard to keep explaining and expressing your concerns daily to those around you. Please use these Kidney Charities Together Group frames to help keep the safety of kidney patients in the public spotlight, and to remind family, friends and colleagues that you may still be vulnerable to COVID-19.


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