Lleswyl 2021, The Free Daring to Dream Festival-at-Home



Tickets are free, book yours in 1,2,3

Step 1: Will you be part of Lleswyl 2021?

Step 2: Who will you invite to join you, who is socially isolated because of chronic illness?

Step 3: Register for your free tickets at https://daringtodream.wales/tickets/ to join in the fun and celebrate reconnecting with loved ones.


Secure your free tickets for Lleswyl:

The festival is free and 100% accessible to all. Get your free tickets from https://daringtodream.wales/tickets/



What is Lleswyl?

For many people in Wales who are living with chronic illness or disability, going to a gig or festival is something that won’t be happening for them anytime soon. That’s why Daring to Dream are holding their first ever festival-at-home experience, to involve everyone. End – to – end digital production is by Ratio Studios.

Read more here: https://daringtodream.wales/what-is-lleswyl/

When is Lleswyl?

Friday 26th November 19:00 to 23:00

Lleswyl will be live streamed to you wherever you are that night – at home, in hospital, in supported living or in a care home.

Hosting your own Lleswyl:

It would be fantastic if you would host your own your own Lleswyl experience!  Reach out and invite family, friends, or neighbours to join you for the festival; think of those who you know who have been socially isolated due to their health over the last year. Get them involved and enjoy the festival together, at home.

Iconic Welsh bands:

Afro Cluster, Calan, Amser JazzTime (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama), the Root Doctors, Ify Iwobi as a soloist, The Gentle Good, Philanthropy Jazz, Ify Iwobi Live Band, Dr and the Medics.

Inspiring and uplifting people from Wales:

True stories from people across Wales that will inspire you. People who definitely do not let their illness or disability define them!

Dream team of presenters:

We bring together the worlds of television, radio, and music & the arts, with our three highly engaging and skilled presenters. Sian Lloyd, a familiar face across the TV networks, an experienced journalist and television presenter: Jason Harrold, radio presenter, host and compere and Tumi Williams (musician, Afro Cluster lead singer, creative artist, booking agent and chef).



Lleswyl merchandise:

You can dress up in your festival gear (https://daringtodream.wales/lleswyl-t-shirts/ ), share some festival food and listen to some great music! Simply have a joyous evening that lifts everyone’s spirits and wellbeing.

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For more information, please contact Barbara Chidgey (Chair, Daring to Dream via daringtodream@learningpathways.info / 07989 385114)