Winter Preparedness Campaign 2021


Care & Repair Cymru, Age Cymru and Age Connects, have come together and combined forces to help address risks to health & wellbeing this winter. The Winter Preparedness Campaign has been broken down into four sections, Falls, Keeping Warm, Keeping Connected and Staying Healthy.


Winter should be a time for family, festivity and looking confidently to the future, but we all know that there are some significant challenges that face older people as a result of short, cold, wet days and seasonal virus transmission. The continued impact of Covid-19 on our lives is a further complication and serves to exacerbate long established risks to wellbeing that we need to address.


In many instances, it’s the time for prudent healthcare to come into its own, with good advice and minimal support hopefully being all that’s required to ensure we manage this winter. However, where we have frail and more vulnerable family members and loved ones, there are organisations that can help us all manage better. Remember, all you need to do is ask! Preparation is far better than crisis.


The four aspects of the campaign are:


Falls Prevention

The Facts:


v Across the UK an older person is falling every 6 and a half seconds

v Every 30 seconds an ambulance is called to assist an older person who has fallen

v Every 5 hours an older person will die as a result of a fall in their home

v 500 older people fall each day in their homes

v Falls costs the NHS £2.3b


Many of these falls are avoidable, if you act today





Keeping Warm

The Facts


v Every winter 25,000 older people die needlessly, as a result of cold weather in the UK.

v There were 2,000 Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) in Wales in 2019-20, a third from people living in cold homes

v In the  UK 4.5 million older people in fuel poverty and  there are 155,000 households living in fuel poverty in Wales

v Across the UK £15 billion benefits go unclaimed every year

v £1.36bn cost of cold homes to the NHS


Ask for help and keep warm this winter.




Keeping Connected

The Facts:

v Age Cymru estimate over 75,000 people aged over 65 in Wales are often or always lonely

v Alzheimer’s Society survey found 38% of people with dementia felt lonely

v 24% of those aged 75+ in very bad health are lonely

v Loneliness increases the likelihood of mortality by 26%

v Over a third of people aged 50+ in Wales are digitally excluded and do not use online services, missing out on savings of up to £560 a year from shopping and paying bills online

v 11% of the population of Wales (300,000 people) are digitally excluded, cannot access information and advice or keep connected


Reach out to others this winter, help others to access online services.




Staying Healthy

The facts:

v Average life expectancy in Wales is 78 years for men and 82 years for women, and they will be living on average 17 and 20 years respectively living in poor health, which will impact on their quality of life and use of services.

v Over 142,000 older people are managing with long-term conditions in Wales, limiting the lives of 24% over 60 and 35% over 75s

v There were 624,909 people waiting in June 2021 for hospital services


Get good quality advice on keeping yourself healthy this winter, use NHS111 services for advice and only use 999 in an Emegency






The group have produced an animation in English, Welsh and in BSL, to promote their campaign, and provide links to websites, helplines and contact for help when it’s required.


The Winter Preparedness Animation






You can also download their PDF here .


Care & Repair Cymru

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