Keep Active with Kidney Disease

(An introduction to Kidney Beam)


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Keep Active with Kidney Disease


Keeping active with kidney disease might seem like a daunting prospect, but the fantastic team and Kidney Beam are here to help overcome that. Kidney Wales is delighted to be able to join Kidney Beam in bring you this free webinar, to introduce you to them and the wonderful things they have to offer kidney patients.


You might find keeping active and doing exercise a challenge when you’re living with a health condition and the symptoms, treatments and pressures that come with it. The team at Kidney Beam know you want to be more active to keep healthy and feel good and they understand the hurdles that life can throw in your way.


Join us and Kidney Beam for a free zoom webinar

Wednesday 15th June – 5pm


Kidney Beam are providing patients access to fun, tailored exercises for you and your health needs. The team provides live and on demand classes for you to exercise along with at a time that suits you.

Kidney Beam brings the experts, your community, and your health studio to you, wherever you are.



The Kidney Beam Mission


“We’re all about helping people with a health condition feel good, no matter where they are along their health journey.”


“We’re supporting people worldwide to get that ‘punch the sky’ feeling every day by offering health-condition-specific exercise videos with fun, friendly and super-empathetic support.”



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