gofod3 is back – bigger and better

than ever before for 2022 and we’ll be there

For the first time Kidney Wales are hosting a talk at gofod3. We’re excited to be taking part in the biggest voluntary sector event of its kind in Wales. gofod3 is an event organised by WCVA, in collaboration with the voluntary sector in Wales. gofod3 is taking place online over 20th – 24th June.


Book your spot for to see James here: https://gofod3.cymru/events/kidney-wales-awareness-talk/


The 5 day event will have over 70 FREE events on offer. Promising an exciting and busy schedule of speakers, masterclasses, panel debates and workshops. There’s something for everyone.


We are really pleased to share that Volunteer Ambassador, James, is hosting an awareness raising and wellbeing talk at gofod3 and will be talking about his lived experience with kidney disease at 2pm on Tuesday 21 June. Whether you’re a trustee, staff member, volunteer or all three, gofod3 is your unique space to reflect, learn and plan for the future.


You can also view the full programme and find out more by visiting https://gofod3.cymru/about/online/



James is looking forward to being part of this years gofod3 event. Today he shares an insight into his journey as a kidney patient and how it led him to become a Volunteer Ambassador for Kidney Wales.


James has lived with kidney disease for over 15years and as part of his renal replacement therapy he has experienced treatments ranging from continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis [CAPD], transplantation and in-unit Haemodialysis.


The impact a chronic condition can have on a life is often unimaginable. Kidney disease has had a huge affect on James’ life, having previously been able to work a full-time and serve in the Army Reserve alongside it, to being at a point where it is a struggle to walk his dog once a day.


Kidney disease can be a lonely place, particularly if you have little or no exposure to the kidney community. Being part of the kidney community in Wales is now a goal for James. He feels that he can make a difference and hopes becoming a Volunteer Ambassador can be the push and the launch to become part of this incredibly supportive community.


James says, “I hope to spread information about kidney disease and kidney health throughout my community.”


Becoming an empowered kidney patient who can talk about and share their lived experience to help others is an emotional and inspirational journey. James is grateful to those who supported along the way and helped him to get to this stage. The nurses at UHW transplant clinic and the amazing team at the Liz Baker Renal Unit Morriston Hospital. “[They all went] above and beyond what is to be expected and [continue to do] so with a constant smile and bags of kindness.”


Book your spot for to see James 2pm, 21st June, here: https://gofod3.cymru/events/kidney-wales-awareness-talk/


“We are not suffering with kidney disease we are living with it!”