Welsh patients’ involvement in the UK Kidney Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) survey high again for 2021


The Kidney PREM is a national annual survey, coordinated by the UKKA and Kidney Care UK, that invites feedback from kidney patients.


The aim of the Kidney PREM is to:

  • Help renal unit teams understand how patients feel about their care
  • Show where improvements can be made from a patient perspective
  • Provide a national picture of people’s experience of care



Kidney PREM 2021

Kidney patients being cared for in NHS renal units in the United Kingdom were invited again to take part in the Kidney PREM online survey. It is fantastic to continue to see so many Welsh patient voices taking part and being heard.

A campaign led by the Welsh Renal Clinical Network in 2020, which aimed to offer every Renal Replacement Therapy patient in Wales resources to take part in the survey, saw Welsh patient participation rise significantly with a 40% increase on the 2019 submissions

It is great to see the benefits of the campaign have carried on into the 2021 survey.



View the full PREM survey results and data portals here:

You can view a PDF of the isolated feedback for Wales here: Welsh PREM results 2021



Kidney Care UK are grateful to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

With positive comments and feedback being the most common.


Some of the headline findings include:

  • People reporting a slight increase in their overall experience of care in 2021 (average score 6.24 out of 7).
  • Experience of unit-arranged Transport remains low, with an average score of 5.75 out of 7, but it is still significantly higher than in 2019, and a notable area where the pandemic may have made a positive impact.
  • A positive experience for Tests (average score 6.20 out of 7) and Scheduling & Planning (average score 6.19 out of 7) continues to be reported.
  • Patient experience of the Support received from their kidney team has also improved this year to an average score of 5.73 out of 7, but remains some way short of the average score in 2019.
  • Scores for Environment fell noticeably in 2020, but rating of the unit environment has broadly improved in 2021.