Organ donation week 2022 is here and this year Kidney Wales has gone all out to bring you facts, stories, fun and fundraising.


Nearly 7years ago we saw the successful launch of the Opt-Out law in Wales. The law change followed an 8 year long campaign that was led by Kidney Wales.


Since then, raising awareness of organ donation and the importance of understanding your choices, having the conversation with your family and the impact the law has had in Wales has been a key focus for Kidney Wales.


You have helped us fund research into studies that help us better understand organ donation and its complexities. You can watch a video from two of our researchers here:


This year we want to make it bigger and better than ever. We have jumped on board our friends at NHS blood & Transplant pink pledge campaign to reach as many people as possible and to help raise some funds to continue to support research like Laurens:



Will you make a pink pledge during Organ Donation Week? Take part by doing something special in pink – the colour of the organ donor card. You could wear something pink, bake something pink or even paint something pink. Use #OrganDonation and make a donation here


Each year hundreds of opportunities for transplants are missed because families aren’t sure what to do. Your family may be involved in organ donation and expected to support your decision. Make sure they know your organ donation decision.


Find more about how to talk about organ donation here:


Your support with this year’s campaign will help reach more people. On average South Asian patients wait up to six months longer and black patients wait up to a year longer than white patients for a transplant. Around 7,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant to change their lives. Your support today can make a huge difference tomorrow.


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